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Public Speaking

Hire me as a speaker for your company retreat, training session, industry conference or other event for an engaging interactive presentation on mindfulness meditation, stress management, or other wellness related topics


In the past, I found meditation very difficult but Gullu was so clear in his instructions and in debunking myths about meditation that it has transformed my experience.

Workshop ParticipantOn Meditation

Gullu's daily life mindfulness hacks have been such a lifesaver. Whenever I feel stressed I can hear his soothing voice telling me to stop, take a breath, observe and proceed.

Workshop ParticipantOn Mindfulness

I took Gullu's MBSR Class and was able to get off meds for anxiety, depression, insomnia and high blood pressure. This experience truly transformed my life and I'm not sure any other teacher would have been able to meet me in this kind compassionate way. Forever grateful.

Workshop ParticipantOn Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

Gullu's levity and lightness of being is infectious. . . .

Workshop ParticipantOn Gullu

Gullu is so good at making even the deeper and more esoteric meditation teachings seem like common sense.

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