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Hi, I'm Gullu Singh.

I am deeply inspired to teach meditation
as an antidote to stress, a way to navigate
the challenges of life with more ease and
as a path to well-being.


I teach meditation... help those in high-stress careers cultivate well-being and resilience.


It works!

My teaching is based on extensive training
and decades of personal practice,
and informed by the latest science on the
neuroplasticity of the brain.


Transformation is possible!

Mindfulness practice can alleviate anxiety,
cultivate you and so much more.
Come practice with me.


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Most of us have a hidden paradigm that happiness comes when we can arrange the conditions of our life to be optimal. I teach meditation as a path to a kind of intrinsic well being that is not so dependent on conditions. This is a more reliable and durable form of well-being.


Organizations I have worked with include:


Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

The practice of meditation gently retrains your neural pathways to respond to triggers, stress, anxiety, and overwhelm with the feeling of spaciousness and new opportunity. Learn more about my evidence-based approach to meditation…

Meditation Mentoring

One-on-one guidance gives you the opportunity to learn the basics at your pace. Deepen your practice and become more skilled at how to overcome the pitfalls and difficulties. Contact me for more information to get started.

Corporate Training

The benefits of ongoing meditation classes and trainings for employees can improve workplace culture, performance, and healthcare costs. Learn more about my trainings and seminars for law firms, organizations, and businesses…

Custom Classes

Meditation is most effective when practiced with others. Although it’s generally an activity of sitting in silence, the group dynamic dramatically increases efficacy and improves the experience. Ask about my custom classes for groups of six or more…

What Students and Clients are Saying

In the past, I found meditation very difficult but Gullu was so clear in his instructions and in debunking myths about meditation that it has transformed my experience.

Workshop ParticipantOn Meditation

Gullu's daily life mindfulness hacks have been such a lifesaver. Whenever I feel stressed I can hear his soothing voice telling me to stop, take a breath, observe and proceed.

Workshop ParticipantOn Mindfulness

I took Gullu's MBSR Class and was able to get off meds for anxiety, depression, insomnia and high blood pressure. This experience truly transformed my life and I'm not sure any other teacher would have been able to meet me in this kind compassionate way. Forever grateful.

Workshop ParticipantOn Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

Gullu's levity and lightness of being is infectious. . . .

Workshop ParticipantOn Gullu's Presence

Gullu is so good at making even the deeper and more esoteric meditation teachings seem like common sense.

Workshop ParticipantOn Teaching

What to expect along the way...

the foundation

Practical & Impactful Teachings

My teaching is grounded in ancient wisdom traditions,

as well as what’s most helpful and provable in one’s own experience.

Learning about the body and emotions, open awareness, the breath.

The more time you invest in this practice, the more you get out of it.


A Supportive Environment

Something inexplicable happens when we meditate together, even online, that makes it easier and more fruitful.

I create spacious opportunity for practicing techniques as well as open discussion, kind guidance and encouragement for overcoming any resistance that might arise along the way.

dedicated guide

Knowledge based on real world experience

Beyond my deep training, I also have decades of experience working in corporate law.

I understand the unique challenges of trying to retain sanity in a fast-paced and high-press career.

I’ve used these practices to ground myself, build resilience and cultivate well-being—and you can, too.

Mindfulness invites a different way of being.